Winning over Christmas

Winning over Christmas

It’s only a few days before Christmas, and for most, it’s the time of the year where you might be stressing over dieting?

With this article I hope to take some of that stress away and to provide you with some useful tools and strategies that can help you through the next week.

1. Do not diet on Christmas Day.
Having a dieting mindset is ONLY going to give you more stress to manage. Realistically you don’t want to be thinking about macros, and even if you do not use any of the following strategies, please remember that one day doesn’t make a summer, and you will not undo all your hard work in one day (even though the scale goes up the next day).

If you want to follow an intermittent fasting protocol, where you skip breakfast, this is completely fine, but other than that just enjoy this one day of the year and make a commitment to “get back on it” once Christmas is over.

2. Use the “one plate rule”.
If you commit to only go for one portion (even if it’s bigger than usual) you reduce the risk of eating more than you really can stomach. It will also ensure that you don’t get the horrible food coma after your meal – you know when you have to take a nap on the sofa because you all of a sudden feel extremely tired.

3. Only eat what you like.
If there are things on the Christmas table that you genuinely don’t like, don’t eat them “just because it’s a Christmas thing”. Better to eat what you do enjoy and not add extra food for the sake of it. The same goes for alcohol.

4. Stay active.
You might not be able to train, but committing to getting your steps in, and perhaps more than usual, will increase your energy output, which means you are burning more calories that day. For obvious reasons this is a great idea, knowing that the food on the Christmas table are usually calorie dense.

5. Shift your focus.
Often we make festive season all about the food. While there definitely is a component of food, if we shift the important away from it and place it on the people we are surrounded by, the charge of Christmas food gets reduced. This tip goes for every social event you have, but because Christmas is more of a sacred “once a year” thing where most people take time off work, making that energy shift and becoming present with the people you love will give you much more satisfaction than the food on the table.

So have a Very Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter.
Articles will resume again in 2021!

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