Where your thoughts goes, your energy flows

Where your thoughts goes, your energy flows

I am huge believer I the law of attraction.

“Whatever you focus on, you will attract more of”. 

It’s not this idea that I can hermit in my room and manifest things without taking action. Really, that’s not how the real world goes around. Action is THE most important thing for getting what you want.

That said, your thoughts have a huge impact on HOW you are going to take action. So it’s crucial that you align your inner voice with what you truly want. If you are stuck in the “this process is so hard”-thought pattern, your journey is going to be a reflection of that.

For example. 

Thinking of food prepping as this annoying and time consuming thing you have to do in order to be successful in your transformation journey? Surprise, surprise, the law of attraction will give you all the reasons for why eating better and taking care of your health will be annoying. Then what are you actions going to be? Most likely less proactive and creative around prepping your own food.

The result? A non-sustainable relationship to your transformation journey.

And the ripple effect? A non-sustainable result, which just proves to you (again) that diets doesn’t work for you.

So your thoughts become your reality.
Audit them often and with care.


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