I founded Coached by Anger to bridge the gap between the physical and the mind, with the goal of empowering women (and men) to connect to themselves and live more fulfilled lives. From years of experience in the fitness industry as well as my personal journey I realised that we can attain great physical changes, but we may not enjoy a single moment of it and we can look like a fitness model, but still deal with massive insecurities about out bodies. 

There is often a huge disconnect between being successful and feeling successful, which can cause us to raise the bar higher yet never feel fulfilled in what we do. This disconnect happens when we set goals and create changes in our environment and daily habits but fail to work on our mindset at the same time.  

So in order for you to create life long sustainable change in your health and fitness not only do you need to embody the habits that will get you the results you desire, but you also need to adapt to a mindset that will allow you to enjoy the process. 

Without the mindset of enjoyment and sustainability it will only be a painful experience to hold on to your physical results, if you got  them at all, and you are likely to end up reverting back to your old habits. Then what is the point of it all? The bottom line is that in order for you to both be and feel successful and be fulfilled with what you do, your mind needs to expand and grow at the same level as your external world is changing.

Bridging the gap between the physical and the mind will have a huge positive impact on your health and body composition. It will make you feel more energised, vital and confident, resulting in you thriving in all other areas of your life. Bridging the gap will allow you to feel more connected to yourself, and you’ll start acting out of self-love rather than self-destruction. This will in turn lead you to be better connected to others around you which creates an even greater positive feedback loop of fulfilment. 

So whilst I work to serve people who are ready to bridge the gap and start their journey to self-mastery, the purpose of this blog is to shed some light on problems we face in life and create a safe place where you don’t have to feel that you are alone in how you feel or think. 


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