Tuning In On The Right Frequency

Tuning In On The Right Frequency

If you want something you have tune into the frequency of the emotion that having that thing will give.

If “the perfect” body is your goal you want to ask yourself:
How will it FEEL when I’m in that body?

Once you know what it is that you will feel when you’ve manifested that body, you can start tuning into those frequencies today.

Perhaps your answer was happy, content, proud, confident and “at home”?

While you might not be able to think about your goal and tune into those frequencies (because the goal haven’t yet manifested itself in the now), you will be able to find other areas or things in your life where you can feel those feelings.

And as you focus on those feelings, regardless of where they come from, you will start finding more and more reasons for feeling more of them. That is the law of attraction. What you focus on, you attract.

But if you don’t tune into the feelings, you won’t be able to find them. And as a result, the physical things you want which are on those frequencies, are not really coming your way either.

Imagine this. You call up your friend one morning feeling a bit frustrated, and when she picks up she sounds so positive and happy. She tells you she tuned in her radio at 94.1 and all she heard was this positive music. So she just feels super positive and she noticed all these positive things happening in her morning.

Then she asked if you listened to 94.1 too.
You say no, you’ve had a shitty morning.

That is because you didn’t tune in to the same frequency.
So unless you are tuning into the things you want to feel, you won’t actually experience them. But once you do find those frequencies, you will feel them and find reasons to feel them. And as a result, the body that you want to manifest will come to you more easily, and you will recognise when you have it BECAUSE you recognise the feeling.


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