Training Is Just Like Any Other Relationship

Training Is Just Like Any Other Relationship

Just like entering a relationship with another person, and perhaps even decide to get married, I want to believe that MOST people do so with the thought that it will last.

Honeymoon period is on and motivation is high.
You’ll say the vows “though good times and bad times”, and you mean it.

Now I know there are some people that crumble and leave relationships as soon as it gets a little rocky, but again, I like to believe that MOST people don’t end a relationship with the smallest argument.

I have to clarify that this is just a metaphor, and I’m not saying you have to or should stay in a relationshop that clearly isn’t working for one reason or another.

So if you can look like your relationship to yourself with the same amount of dedication, and particularly how you show up consistently at the gym (or really any form of exercise), you will realise that not every week is going to feel amazing. There will be ups and downs in motivation and sometimes you might ask yourself why you do it altogether.

But here’s the thing with life in general. You get to enjoy it during the ups, and you got to show up during the lows. If we are always retreating because we don’t feel motivation, we are always going to walk around in the same circle. And because 99% of the people know that being active is good for us, it means that you’ll come back to the same conclusion that you should do something eventually. But you’ll be upset that you aren’t progressing faster.

But the truth is that self-mastery and mastery of any skill is that the people that shows up the most will get further. And this is true regardless if you’re motivated or not. And to give you perspective, you only need to show up 3-5 hours a week (which really is about 2.5% or your time) – so stop complaining and stick with your self-vows. And if the gym is not your kind of marriage, find something else that you enjoy more.


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