Training Efficiency > More Training

Training Efficiency > More Training

In this article I want to talk about hard training and highlight the difference in training more and training more efficient.

While volume and progressive overload has a role in increasing your muscle mass over time, just doing more reps or throwing more weight on the bar doesn’t necessarily mean faster gains. The fact is that the quality of each rep is the main driver to how much you are going to progress.

Ultimately, you want to train hard! But you don’t want to keep training and adding shit reps “just because”. This will increase your stress hormones (cortisol) more than you need, which then will have a negative ripple effect on your ability to recover. You also don’t grown during the sessions, the growth and repair happens when you do not train.

So basically, you want to get into the gym and “pull the trigger” then get out as soon as you can. Do the damage, then get out. Or in gym language: train hard then shift your gear into full recovery mode.

So don’t confuse training hard with more work, unless that work is good work with the right amount of stimulus you need to grow.


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