This is our no-commitment monthly subscription based program for the individuals who have either worked with a coach in the past or know what they're doing in the gym and don't want anything more than a solid training program to follow on their own.



Choose your subscription today and you can get stared with your training by next Monday already. 


If you rather exercise at home or outside in the park, we’ve got you covered too with our minimal equipment training plans.  This is a 12 week program with 3 phases that are mixing both high intensity and strength on demand workouts to give you the best results possible away from the gym. 

For just 2799SEK (about $285) you’ll get access to the full program and can get started next Monday already. 
You will need a resistance band or a big loop band to be able to perform all the movements in the programs. If you have anything extra, such as dumbbells, kettle bells or other equipment you can use, you can use them for extra load on the body weight exercises wherever possible.


How many sessions per week should I do?

Our suggestion is that you choose the amount of sessions you know you can fit into your schedule.

How long are the sessions?

All sessions are programmed to be up to one hour, sometimes less. This does not include any warm up or cool down before and after the session.

What if I want to change how many sessions per week I do?

If it’s not just a short period of time you’re planning to increase or decreases your session frequency, we suggest that you cancel the current subscription and purchase a new one with the amount of sessions you want to do at the end of your current phase.

Can I really cancel at any time and what happens when I do?

Yes, your subscription will continue until the last day of the current pay period, then you will loose access to the app immediately.

We recommend you cancelling your subscription 2-3 days before renewal at latest.

What if there’s an exercise I can’t do or equipment I don’t have?

We have programmed with a normal commercial gym in mind, but if there is a machine missing you can substitute by changing it inside your program.

How do I receive the program?

You will get access to our Coached by Anger Fitness App, where all programs will be available to you starting the Monday following your purchase day.


All programs will have exercise videos to show you correct technique as well as instruction for how many sets and reps you should perform.

Can I pause my subscription?

No, unfortunately this is not an option. If you will be away for a longer period we recommend you cancelling the subscription and then reinstating it when you come back. Please note that your subscription will continue until the end of the pay period.

How do I ask for help?

This is a program for the self-sufficient people that don’t want any coaching, but we do have a FaceBook Community where you can ask for support and share your journey with the rest of the Strength Alliance Crew.