The Meaning of Mastery

The Meaning of Mastery

If truth to be told, true mastery does not exist, and those whom we would look to as masters of their field, would not disagree.

Evolution of skill is such, that there is no finite top we can claim.
But the beauty of life is that we get to wake up every day and try to get a little bit higher.

It all starts with awareness and acceptance.
You need to be aware of where you are and your capabilities.
You need to accept that you know nothing beyond what you know and that there is always something you can acquire and work towards.

So the meaning of mastery is that we should never stop trying to reach for it.
Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional – there is always a next level to unlock, and often you’ll find that in order to move forward in one area, another one needs to be addressed first.

Then perhaps real mastery is to balance the acceptance of that expression and our expectations on the process. To keep levelheaded and humble by the fact that we will never have just “made it”.

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