The Beautiful Opportunity Of Starting Fresh

The Beautiful Opportunity Of Starting Fresh

I literally arrived back in London yesterday.
It’s been almost two years since I officially left London as a home, and the last time I was here to visit was in January of this year.

So much has happened since I lived here, both in the world as a whole and for myself as a person.

I’ve moved quite a few times in my adult life, and from experience, great things happen when you start over in a new place. Although London is not new for me, in fact I lived here almost 9 years before leaving, I am a completely different person from when I left.

So as the title goes, whenever there is a big change in your life, you get to rewrite some of your own rules, set new intentions and future goals. So I thought I’d share some of them, because some of them are applicable to my business and some of them might just inspire you do go and audit your own agenda.

Intentions / Goals:
To really walk the walk I am teaching my clients, which is to have a solid morning self-care ritual that will enable me to put myself in my highest vibrations and energy so that I can go out and work and serve others. This includes meditation, journalling and movement.

To practice presence in everything that I do, in every conversation that I have and to really focus on doing ONE thing at the time when I am working. The longer I live, the more convinces I am that if we can remain in the here and now we can find peace and happiness in almost any moment of our lives.

To surround myself with inspiring and empowering people and to observe and learn from them in either what they do or how they do it. Human connection and growth are two of my highest values in life, so by living in accordance to that. can only mean something positive.

To continue to make my service better and better so that I can provide the absolute best online coaching service on the market. I believe my purpose in this life is to serve, so if I can continue to do that and improve on it, I am living my purpose.

To create a tribe of soul sisters that all are empowered by each others and who all understand the beauty of taking full responsibility for their own success and are willing to work for what they want. Most of my life I have surrounded myself with men. Nothing wrong with that at all and I love my guy friends. But when women come together, there is something extremely powerful that happens. When women come together, great things can happen.

To get VERY lean again and take some amazing photos with clients and friends who are all walking on the same path. This is partly due to marketing benefits (after all I am my own brand), but more importantly, it’s been 3.5 years since my last competition and photoshoot and I want to remember how it feels to go through the journey so that I can emphasise even more with my clients.

So even though I have to admit I was nervous and sentimental about leaving Stockholm, working through my intentions and goals I could only really get excited about what is to come this year.

And my motto for my entire life has been: you might as well try, because you can always quit and go back. So why change that now?


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