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Training to Love More Than Just Your Body

If you were like me when you decided to sign up to a gym, you weren’t too happy about what you saw in the mirror? I keep saying that one of the absolutely best decisions I have ever made for myself is to walk into a gym at the age of 16 and get lost…
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Training Is Just Like Any Other Relationship

Just like entering a relationship with another person, and perhaps even decide to get married, I want to believe that MOST people do so with the thought that it will last. Honeymoon period is on and motivation is high. You’ll say the vows “though good times and bad times”, and you mean it. Now I…
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How To Avoid Injuries

No one wants to get injured, and no one every get injured intentionally. Yet injuries are a fairly common phenomenon. And the worst part is that is might be causing your progress to slow down. So here are a few tips on how to avoid injuries at the gym. 1. Don’t Skip Warming Up. Warming…
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Are You Moving The Right Things?

Sometimes when I go to the gym I look around at what other people do. I love seeing people taking sometime out from their days where they go and work on themselves physically. But what I also see is a lot of mindless doing, which sometimes look straight up dangerous and with absolutely no thought…
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Training Efficiency > More Training

In this article I want to talk about hard training and highlight the difference in training more and training more efficient. While volume and progressive overload has a role in increasing your muscle mass over time, just doing more reps or throwing more weight on the bar doesn’t necessarily mean faster gains. The fact is…
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Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV in short) is literally the the variance between each heart beat. So if your heart is beating 60 beats per minute, it’s not actually beating once every second. Within that minute there could be a time of 0.85s between two beats and 1.15s between another two. The greater the variance is,…
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When To Lift Heavier

It might be a trivial question to ask: how do you know when you should progress by lifting heavier load? But the truth is, as you might hear often: “it depend”. Before adding more load, ask yourself: If you answered YES to both, then adding load is the next step. People vary in how well…
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Meditation Through Conscious Exercise

Have you ever thought about what goes through your head when you get to the gym, about to lift something heavy? Chances are, you haven’t really. When I talk about weightlifting being a spiritual practice, at first some people might think I’m crazy. But hear me out. The dictionary meaning of mediation is: “the act…
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best mode vs least mode

Beast Mode VS Least Mode

I keep running into these amazing high achieving people that seem to be unstoppable. While that is admirable and I recognise my own behavioural pattern is these people (like attracts like), as a coach, I am also seeing some signals of a high allostatic stress load. That’s okay, but these individuals often expect nothing less…
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Reading Tempo & TUT

Exercising is more than moving something from A to B. In this video you’ll see that every lift has 4 phases, and that time under tension do matter when you’re training.