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Where your thoughts goes, your energy flows

I am huge believer I the law of attraction. “Whatever you focus on, you will attract more of”.  It’s not this idea that I can hermit in my room and manifest things without taking action. Really, that’s not how the real world goes around. Action is THE most important thing for getting what you want.…
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How To Get More Things Done

If you want to get more things done you need to train your ability to focus. This breaks down the myth that multitasking is an efficient way or working, it really isn’t. First of all, the quality of the work will be reduced significantly because your attention is spread out, and this is true whether…
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Focus shift

A lot of people when starting a transformation has the away from drive. This means that their motivations are to get away from what they currently are or have and no longer want. “I don’t want to be fat” “I don’t want to have poor health”“I don’t want to feel bad when I look at…
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