Success In Planning & Execution

Success In Planning & Execution

There is a saying that goes:

You can skin a cat in a thousand ways

I know it’s such a horrible analogy, but non the less, it’s true.

Getting from where you are today with your health and fitness, to where you want to be is not a one way street. The options are endless if you can follow some basic rules to what needs to happen in order to change your body composition

Routine is great and the more routine we can create in our lives, the less conscious efforts we have to use to get things done. But life is not entirely a routine, and therefore we need to be prepared to break it without going crazy.

Something I teach my coaching clients is behavioural flexibility and strategising. So in terms of addressing and planning success around your social events, the video below gives you two strategies that works without having you derail from your goal.

If you have another strategy that. works for you, please share it below!


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