From the day you were born, until the day you die, everything you do will be an accumulation of skill.

Skills are the accumulation of repetitions.

Therefore, the more reps you put in, the more skilled you will become, usually.

So in essence, everybody on this planet are highly skilled individuals. It’s only when the inherent skills are not aligning with what we want, we feel the dissonance.

An unhealthy person is no different than a healthy person, they’ve just put repetitions in on two completely different focuses, which over time has shaped their habits and unconscious behaviours.

Movement is a skill.
Cooking is a skill.
Accounting is a skill.
Communication is a skill
The list goes on…

I remember when I took up pottery as a hobby.
The teacher was so elegant when she was showing the 3 steps to making a cylinder, which is the start for most projects. It looked so easy, she explained the technique perfectly, and it took her seconds to demonstrate.

Then I spend half the class trying just to centre my tiny piece of clay. It was frustrating and mentally tiring. But once I manage to centre the piece, it was a small victory. Until I messed up step two and had to start over again. But over the weeks I came back, and I found myself becoming more able to experiment with shapes.

Could I call myself a professional – absolutely not. But I could make my own cups and plates, and for me that was enough…

The point here is to understand here is that ANY skill can be developed with enough repetitions.

So the art of a successful body transformation that will last with you longterm is not to think that you have to be perfect and nail everything every day.

Just as you had to fall down trying to learn how to walk, you might have to eat slightly overcooked or too salty food a couple times before you start to understand the skill of cooking.

Daily repetitions will give you more in return long term than the perfectionist mindset.

What are the small things you could repeat this week, which may feel insignificant and easy, but really isn’t when you play the long game?