Progressing In The Gym

Progressing In The Gym

The number one key to making your training program work and to see steady improvements is to adhere to the principle of progressive overload. This means that you should push yourself hard and strive to improve on your performance each time you step into the gym.

How can we do this?

●  Add weight to the bar.

●  Lift same load more reps.

●  Lift same load with better form, more control, less effort, more range of motion.

●  Lift same load and reps with less rest time between sets.

●  Lift same load with more speed and acceleration.

●  Do more work in same amount of time

●  Do same work in less amount of time.

●  More sets with same load and reps.

●  Doing the same work at a lighter bodyweight (this is especially applicable if you are aiming to maintain muscle mass during fat loss phases – it is still progress!)

As you can see, progressive overload can be achieved in a number of different waysBut always remember that improvements in form will always be a priority, while increasing reps and load come second.

Progressive overload will never be linear, but the key is to be able to do more over time. So if you are lifting the same weights you were 6 months ago, progress will be very hard to come by.

Keeping a training journal and being honest with your efforts is a simple was to keep yourself accountable to strive for improvements. One rep here and there adds up in the long run.


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