Proactive Habits Around Nutrition

Proactive Habits Around Nutrition

This post ties in with the 10 good habits that will make your lifestyle work for you and your health regardless of your goal. 

Have some routine to your feeding times. 

Regardless if you are into Intermitted Fasting (IF) or do not function until you’ve had breakfast – your body will love you for having routine mealtimes.

Depending on your individual need and if you do follow an IF protocol or not 3-5 meals per day is a good amount to spread out during your day.

Eat protein with every meal

Many hormones and antibodies are made from protein, as well as ALL tissue remodelling such as organs, muscle, collagen, hair and nails are dependent on a steady stream of protein. 

Our bodies are always building up and breaking down protein. But unlike carbohydrates and fats (which are more easily available sources of energy which are stored in fat tissue, in muscles and in the liver) we need to ensure that we eat protein regularly or we run into the risk of breaking down more than we are building up. So in terms of health and body composition, this is something we want to avoid as it takes time and effort to put on muscle mass.

Protein also takes longer to digest in your stomach. So if you are trying to improve your body composition by dieting, it will give you a fuller feeling for longer. 

Add More Vegetables To Your Plate

Vegetables contain micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre – all the good stuff your body needs to run properly and to keep your gut happy.

But more so, if you adopt a mindset that you fill half your plate with different colour veggies you will find that you will struggle to overeat. 

Partly because your portion size will look big and you won’t feel that you have to starve when you look at the plate. Remember that, your senses plays a huge part when it comes to digestion (to be covered another time).

And partly you will actually fill your stomach with foods that stretch the stomach wall. Veggies happen to be calorie poor and nutrient dense, which is a big win. 

When it comes to lifestyle solutions and food, a good place to start is to become aware of what you are currently doing and start implementing better habits from there. 

  • Do you eat routinely or are you all over the place with your meals? 
  • Are you aware of the food you put on you plate or do you do a lot of mindless eating?

Once these habits are in place, modifying or adding complexity to them in order to elicit the changes you want to see in your physique will be so much easier. 

So even if you don’t have a coach right now, there are so many things you can do to propel you to better health and a better body composition by just becoming conscious of your habits


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