New Year, New Standards

New Year, New Standards

It’s a new year, which for many means starting over (again).
My wish for you is to see this as a new beginning to stepping into the identity of the person you want to become. To set some standards for your thoughts and actions, and to not let yourself off the hook so easily.

While I don’t like the “new year, new me” or “diet starts Monday” mindset, I do think that anytime you decide to create change, you have the opportunity to “do it right”.

But here’s the thing, we often set goals and then only focus on the outcomes of our actions.

“If I do X, Y will happen”

While there is always cause and effect happening to everything, it’s not so simple as that equation. And even if that equation is true, we can never truly predict what the Y will be once we do X.

So does that mean it doesn’t matter?
Of course not. But obsessing about the Y without realising what the X actually means is what I believe the issue is for a lot of people.

Doing X means taking action REGARDLESS if it brings you the Y as an instant gratification. Doing X is to practice your virtues:

  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Resilience
  • Acting for what is right, not what feels right in the moment

So if you’re a person who feel that you’re jumping on and off the path or feel demoralised by the feedback your morning weight gives you, it could be wise to take a moment and reflect on what X really means to you. What does X demand from you, and how does that relate to practicing your virtues?

Your goals will come to you if you do enough X that promotes the Y, but have behavioural flexibility to when you need to change the course of action. The X depends greatly on your standards and the fact that you won’t give in because it feels demanding.

But the X is your life, the Y is the compass. So set your standards, practice your virtues and go after your goals.

If you need help, book in a free clarity call with me to see how I can help you achieve your goals and more this year.


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