Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

Since my move back to London I committed to reclaiming my mornings.

Over the past 6 months I had gotten into the really bad habit of going straight to my laptop and 3 cups of coffee before the clock had even turned 6am. Sure, I go things done, but I’m not sure the quality of my work got any better, and the mid-day crash was pretty frequent.

It really is the truth when they say “start the day as you mean to go on”.
I’ve seen the most profound shift in my own energy the past couple of weeks. Not only my actual energy and alertness, but my spirit energy. I am connected, I am calm I am congruent with my values.

So what does my mornings look like now you might ask?

I wake up at 5.30am to give myself 2.5 hours to connect my heart, mind and body to the energy I want to feel. And throughout these quiet morning hours I do not focus on what I know I need to do once I start working at 8am. I ensure that literally everything I do is with intent. So here it is:

  • Alarm goes off and I ponder on my dreams – they have been quite vivid lately! (ca 10-15min)
  • I go to the toilet and jump on the scale (regardless if I’m dieting or not)
  • I wash my face with cold water and put my creams on. (ca 5min)
  • I go down to the kitchen, make coffee and drink some water. (ca 5min)
  • I bring it upstairs, light some in-scents and I do my journalling and setting intentions for the day. (ca 20min)
  • I grab the yoga mat and the foam roller and I start working through tension in my body. While doing this I listen to my morning playlist or someone talking about abundance and law of attraction. (ca 30min)
  • Once that’s finished I put my clothes on and go out for a walk (ca 30min)
  • When I come home I make breakfast, ensuring that I make the presentation beautiful. Then I eat it without looking at my phone (ca 15min)
  • Then it’s 8am and I am so full of energy and light, ready to serve others.

I do appreciate that I have a lot fewer obligations in my life than some of you reading this. I don’t have a partner, I don’t have kids and I work ONLY for and with myself. This means I have the opportunity to give myself a lot more time in the morning.

But even if this is not you, and you can only afford to make time for 30 minutes of me time, ask yourself what you can do in that time to raise your own vibrations?


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  1. Michelle says:

    Brilliant post and some great advice.
    It is about taking time for you in the morning and what you need and you have that nailed.

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