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If you are feeling powerless, trapped and bored in your current situation, this program is for you. 

This 12 month group coaching program will help you working towards your specific health, fitness and lifestyle goals, while learning the process in a group setting.

You will learn about nutrition, so that you can live with a powerful health and feel at home in your improved body composition. 

You will learn about exercise, how to increase your mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance, so that you can feel physically free and independence.

You will learn about mindset, so that you can experieince life to the fullest and have more fun in the process of working towards what you want.

Each module within this program is held live via zoom, with recordings to look back at. 

There are weekly Q&A’s and support inside the Members Group, to help you keep momentum between the sessions and moduls.

People that strive together, thrive together.
While we all have very different wants and needs in life, we are all the net worth of the people we surround ourselves with the most. So this group will accelerate your growth because everyone strives for creatning a life that feels powerful, fun and free. 

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How It Works



We want to make sure thata this program is exactly what you need. So we recommend that you book in a free discover call before signing up.



Once you’re a tribe member, you’ll go though the goal setting and expectation process. This is to provide you with clarity for what you want and need to be successful in this program.



Attend the live workshops, go through the modules and participate in the weekly zoom meetings that are designed to help you reach your goal and learn autonomy along the way.

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Happy Tribe Members

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Jason Edmonds


Emily gave me a thorough plan of how I could achieve my body transformation and I’m in the best shape I have been in for years! The guidance and feedback I have received have been invaluable and I have learnt so much about my training and nutrition that my whole outlook has changed. Definitely worth every penny!

Mia Williams 

Personal Trainer

The impact this journey has had is that it has changed how I view weight loss. You don’t have to go 100 miles an hour or starve yourself or anything ridiculous.

Charlie Baker


Before I approached Emily for help, I’d worked with a few different coaches. While I had achieved some changes to my physique, this had come at a huge detriment to my physical and mental health.

Emily has shown me that you can get in shape while developing the other parts of your life too! I am 4 weeks into working with her for a second time and with her exercise and nutrition programming I’m in a sweet spot where my bodycomposition is changing for the better, my energy is high, my hormones are normal and no other part of my life is suffering. Highly highly recommended.