Meditation Through Conscious Exercise

Meditation Through Conscious Exercise

Have you ever thought about what goes through your head when you get to the gym, about to lift something heavy?

Chances are, you haven’t really.

When I talk about weightlifting being a spiritual practice, at first some people might think I’m crazy. But hear me out.

The dictionary meaning of mediation is: “the act of giving your attention to only one thing”. So when I say mediation though conscious exercising I mean that your focus is there in the present moment. The actual lift itself is the byproduct of you connecting you mental domain and physical domain in order to produce movement.

The spiritual practice is to stay in that movement and notice all the internal external feedback happening at the same time.

When you “get it right”, you’ll find that even though you are about to be failing the exercise due to fatigue, your mind is clear and you are managing the stress response.

So it’s not about going from A to B, it’s to go through the whole alphabet until you’ve reached your destination.

It’s neither about the total reps you managed to do, but the level of intent and intensity you could give to every rep.

When I say conscious exercise is a meditation, I mean it. It’s one of the best ways to connect your mental, spiritual and physical domain in a moment in time and it’s a practice that will help you become more connected to yourself.


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