Mastering Valentines

Mastering Valentines

Do something unconventional this Valentine.

With Valentines coming up in just a couple of days I want to share my take on it, and how you can spend time with your loved one without going off plan.

First I need to get it off my chest that there shouldn’t be one day per year where you start appreciating your partner. That should be an ongoing effort for as long as you are together. It really goes a long way when you do the small things on a daily basis.

Understanding your partners language of love, will also ensure that you are showing them love in the way they prefer receiving it in. There are 5 languages of love, and if you can identify what your partner prefer you will never go wrong. *

Quality time: Making sure that when you spend time together you are really present in the moment.
Act of Service: Doing kind things to help out without it necessarily benefitting you.
Physical Touch: Self-explanatory. Simple touches on the shoulder, holding hands in public etc.
Words of Affirmation: Using words to communicate how you appreciate them.
Receiving gifts: Some people enjoy receiving gifts, especially if it’s a something you have thought out because you thought of your partner.

* Note, your partner doesn’t have to have the same language of love as you.

So knowing the above, if you or your partner is on a fat loss journey, you can get more creative and quite easily go away from the conventional way of “doing Valentines”. That is a way to show support in the journey, and support is a way of showing love. Here are a few examples, but feel free to share your best ideas in the comments below!

1. Try a new activity – this can be anything from bouldering to taking a dance class.
2. Prepare a meal together – this way you are in control of your food and are sharing the moment together from start to finish.
3. Go to the theatre or watch a musical – a great reason to dress up.
4. Book a spa day or buy massage oils and DIY in the comfort of your home.
5. Go for a long walk and talk about what the other person means to you.


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