Making “Off Plan Meals” Work

Making “Off Plan Meals” Work

In a realistic world, sustainability to a plan means that you also need to learn how to break the plan without really breaking the plan. In other words, there will be meals out, social events, work commitments, anniversaries among other things that will “come in the way” when you are signing up to a transformation plan.

This is partly why I don’t like rigid meal plans, because it won’t allow you to work with the flow of life, nor teach you how to handle events that requires you to be a bit more flexible. Because after all, you CAN get results in so many ways, so why not learn how to plan for events early enough in your journey, which will enable you to progress regardless if you are in routine or outside routine.

This video explains two strategies that can help you plan for events outside your routine, but still enable you to take full responsibility for your success in your journey.


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