Does any of these sound like you?

You want to lose a few kilos to fit into your nice outfits you feel too uncomfortable to wear.
You are your own worst bully and you want to make peace with yourself.
You need constant external validation to feel that you are good enough.
You're a high achiever with a great life but you still feel a bit empty.

We will cover the following topics below:

✅ Self-Talk’s Effect On Fat Loss

✅ The Power of Beliefs

✅ Emotional Regulation

✅ Misconceptions Around Permanent Weight Loss

And, help you walk away with:

🧡 Deeper Connection To Yourself

🧡 Strengthened Beliefs & Identity

🧡 A Clearer Vision For The Future

🧡 Understanding How To Permanently Lose Weight & Improve Your Health Without Super Restrictive Diets.


We'll have 3 live calls over 5 days: 

Session 1:  
Monday 1.30pm CET

Understand How Motivation Work & How to Apply Motivational Direction To Reach Any Goal.

Session 2: 
Wednesday 1.30pm CET  

Understand The Energetic Signatures of Linguistics & How To Break Free From The Self-Sabotage Cycle.

Session 3: 
Friday 1.30pm CET 

Understand How Self-Talk Affect Your Health & Ability To Permanently Lose Weight


If you are ready to immerse yourself and participate in this 5-day program, then click the link below to register for the next intake of The Inner Game Foundations. The investment of participation is JUST $15 with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not blown away by the value of this program we’ll refund you the investment upon request and honest feedback.