Permanent Weight Loss Starts With Self-Love.

In this 5-day mini-program I work with a small & intimate group of people to give them my latest training to help them understand how their inner state affects their health and ability too lose weight.

We will cover the following topics below:

✅ Self-Talk’s Effect On Fat Loss

✅ The Power of Beliefs

✅ Emotional Regulation

✅ Misconceptions Around Permanent Weight Loss

And, help you walk away with:

🧡 Deeper Connection To Yourself

🧡 Strengthened Beliefs & Identity

🧡 A Clearer Vision For The Future

🧡 Understanding How To Permanently Lose Weight & Improve Your Health Without Super Restrictive Diets.



If you are ready to immerse yourself and participate in this 5-day program, then click the link below to register for the next intake of The Inner Game Foundations. The cost of participation is JUST $27 with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not blown away by the value of this program, we will refund you the investment, no questions asked. 


How much time is required for the program?

Our group calls will run for approximately 45-60 minutes and it is expected to dedicate time for the 3 calls and to do the short 10min assignments between the calls to get the value from the program.

How do we access the training

We will facilitate live group calls via Zoom and park all the recordings for you to catch up or watch again inside our private group for participants only.

What if I cannot attend group calls live?

No problem. You will have access to the replays. It is expected to catch up and implement the content within 24-48 hours of each call.

I’m curious, why are you providing so much value for such low cost?

To change the perspective on how to attain great health and permanent weight loss I’m gonna need your trust. And by winning your trust, hopefully this may open the door for us to work on a longer term basis in the future.

What’s the catch? 

There’s no catch, the cost of participation is just $27, and we are so confident that you will have a break through moment that if you’re not blown away by the program, you will get the investment back. No questions asked.