How To Get More Things Done

How To Get More Things Done

If you want to get more things done you need to train your ability to focus.

This breaks down the myth that multitasking is an efficient way or working, it really isn’t.
First of all, the quality of the work will be reduced significantly because your attention is spread out, and this is true whether you are writing thesis, working on a project deadline or training in the gym.
Secondly, you will get less done in the same period of time, because there is a transition time where you have to refocus every time you jump from task to task.

Where your thoughts goes, you energy flows. Spreading your energy means a suboptimal result.

I used to be fantastic at multitasking, but then one day I realised that I struggles to actually finish things properly. Or I would kind of finish with the goal of coming back to it to refine it later. And then one day I looked at my to do list and I realised that I’ve been doing so much work, but I never felt like I was getting anywhere.

So what did I do?

I started asking myself “what is the one thing I need to focus on right now?”.
From there I would pre-plan my diary and block out 60-90 minutes chunks that would be allocated to just doing one thing. As I these days work from a laptop, I also decided to only have one tab open at the time.

The results are actually a bit mind-blowing for how much more productive work I got in.
So give it a go, and see that you will actually have more time in your day than you think, and you might just end up going to bed each day feeling that you accomplished something, every day!


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