How To Avoid Injuries

How To Avoid Injuries

No one wants to get injured, and no one every get injured intentionally. Yet injuries are a fairly common phenomenon. And the worst part is that is might be causing your progress to slow down.

So here are a few tips on how to avoid injuries at the gym.

1. Don’t Skip Warming Up.
Warming upp appropriately is for a couple of reasons.

  1. Prepare your body and rehearse the movement patterns.
  2. Excite your nervous system so lift something heavy.

Read the article on who to warm-up properly for more info.

2. Move Accurately
A lot of injuries happen because you try to move the body in a way that it’s not support to move. All joints have their own range of motion, and positions where they will be more or less prone to getting injured. Exercise execution is key and once you nail this, you have earned the right to lift heavier weights.

3. Progress Mindfully
While progressive overload is important for continuous stimulation on your muscles, we don’t want to get too excited and do too big jumps too soon, because the risk to reward is not worth it. Instead, aim to be slightly better than last session, and when you increase in load, do so with the smallest possible increments. This way you’ll keep the progressions more frequent and reduce the risk of hurting yourself in the process.

Read more about how to apply progressive overload here.

4. Keep Your Control
You want to be able to have full control over your entire exercise.
There are three main reasons people lose control.

  1. They are lifting a heavier load than they probably should.
  2. They are not focused at what they are doing.
  3. Both of the above, which is one main reason for why people hurt themselves.

5. Leave Your Ego At Home
Some days you might feel a bit more fatigued and perhaps you’ve slept poorly. This will have a huge effect on how well your session is going to be. So instead of putting yourself at the risk of hurting yourself, accept that you’re having an off day and you might have to back off a little.

6. If If Feels Wrong – Change It!
If you are performing an exercise and you are feeling a bit of pain around your joints, chances are that you are not positioned properly. So stop and make a small adjustment and see if it feels any better, and if it don’t, walk away and do something else instead.


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