How about today?

How about today?

We all have the thoughts of “someday I’ll….”.

Some of them are more serious than others in what we truly want, and that’s okay.
It’s great to dream for the future, but we have to realise that the dream is only a compass for what we should be taking action on in order to get there someday.

If we wake up every day thinking about the same things we want but we keep saying “someday” we are not using the compass for its true purpose.

Happiness is only really found in the pursuit in working for what you say you want. The rest if just wasted time procrastinating. So why not make that “someday” today, and let it be imperfect?

We are only really scared of the path before we actually start walking on it.
Humans are resourceful and will always find a way to survive, so if we can face the perceived fear of “what if” and just do something today, we are one day closer to having what we want.

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