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Why Start Now

When you want something, or are unsatisfied with what you have, every day you are waiting for a better moment is one less day you’ll spend in fulfilment.

Our school of thought is that the fulfilment you seek comes in the journey towards your goals, and who you become in the process of getting there. So there is never a better time to start than today.

We are committed to supporting you all the way, though highly personalised and sustainable coaching programs, with education that includes mindset, nutrition, training and more.


Actions lead to results and consistency to taking action towards your desired outcome leads to success. We are here to guide, inspire and keep you accountable to your dreams and goals.

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Your mindset holds the secret to the life you want. This is why we put so much emphasis in helping you overcome limiting beliefs and self-destructive patterns, while working on creating an abundance mindset.


Your body is the vessel you experience your life in. Strength, mobility and longevity in healthy movements can be achieved with a training program that understands your needs and limitations.


You can eat your way to disease and you can eat your way to health. What you put in your body will determine your life’s experience. Our goal is to help you feel energised, focused and free.


We believe in the power of having a tribe that all strives towards achieving their own goals. It feeds inspiration, motivation and courage to take on our own goals knowing there are others doing the same.

About Us

Coached by Anger

Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping thousands of people live with more intent and greater health, which allows them to master their potential and to live a life that feels powerful, free and fun.

Our mission is to revolutionise and raise the standards of the health and fitness industry, by providing the most holistic approach to coaching, combining training, nutrition and mindset which will facilitate transformations beyond what you can see.

Happy Tribe Members

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- Theo Chatzigkaidas

I’ve been working with Emily for a number of years now. After several disappointing Personal Trainer experiences, Emily supported me to achieve my physical transformation goals, helping me to feel like I’d taken back control of my life. Unexpectedly, this became the start of an even more exciting journey as I learned how to apply the same no-nonsense rules to other areas of my life. Emily’s style of coaching is ideal for me; she says it like it is and keeps me accountable whilst encouraging a holistic approach to life. I’d definitely recommend connecting with her!

- Karen Taylor

I have worked with Emily a few times over the years, and every time we’re achieving outstanding results. She has a way to holistically look at your life and create a plan that fits in seamlessly. She is there to let you know that you are capable of great things once you’ve set your goals.
She listens curiously and is always providing valuable feedback and suggestions. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

- Emilie Soderstrom

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