Having Fun

Having Fun

What hobbies did you have as a kid? 
Did you play sports, sing in the choir or were you into crafting? 
Or anything else? 

And what happened to those hobbies… did you keep them up or grow out of them? 
What did you replace them with? 

It’s natural that we grow out of things when we get older. 
Things that used to interest us all of a sudden does not appeal at all. 

As a child I was into Barbie and playing Hide and Seek with my Grandad
At the age 9-15 I played football (soccer) from the age 9-15 and other sports such as basketball and kick boxing. 
Eventually I realised that I was not at all into team sports or contact sports and moved on to be a bellydancer at the age of 16 and also found the gym at the age of 17. I found two things that made my heart tick and gave me energy even when I was tired. 

When I moved to London I could not afford dancing while studying and I naturally and full heartedly gave myself to the gym. It was my hobby and my safe place, and I loved it. 

Eventually that hobby became my job, and after 5-6 years of working as a full time PT I found myself not enjoying my training as I used to. It was now my job, not my hobby, and I would spend 60-70 hours inside the gym each week. 

Even though I still loved my job  and helping people, I did not have much fun. 

My stress levels were sky high, my resting heart rate way too high from where a fit person should be at, I was tired, run down and I had lost light in my life. 

My only day off was Sunday, and apart from catching up on sleep, doing laundry and food prep for the next week – I knew that I had to get a hobby. 

I found a Cuban salsa community close to home, and even though most weeks I had to drag myself to get there I always walked out feeling human again. And that feeling would last me for a few days. 

Now having my own online business to run I have the luxury of not being inside the gym apart from when I train, and I am back into loving every second of it. 

I still spend most of my days working, but even though I am passionate about what I do and it doesn’t always feel like work, I am actively prioritising having fun and doing mindless things that has nothing to do with what I do for a living. 

The reason I am telling this story is because most people are where I was before I started prioritising having fun. Now I ensure that I do something fun at least every other day. 

I believe that in order to be a high achiever, you need to have balance. 
The fun part in life is where you find energy and creativity. 
It’s where you recharge and get ready to go at it again. 
It’s where you stay connected to yourself and your youth. 

Here are all the fun things I’ve tried the last year: 

  • Scuba Diving
  • Sudoku
  • Crochet
  • Photography
  • Travelling
  • Going to live concerts
  • Pottery 
  • Bachata classes (dance style) 
  • Going to Salsa socials (scary but fun)
  • Climbing mountains
  • Cooking class

Bottom line here is that some people like excitement such as sky-diving and white water rafting. Others like more chill out activities such as reading and crafting. Nothing is better than the other, you just need to makes sure that you prioritise doing something you enjoy. 


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