Good Food vs Bad Food

Good Food vs Bad Food

When we classify things as good or bad we can start really messing with our psychology around food. So before going on, to make things clear – all food breaks down to either amino acids (protein), fatty acids (fat) or glucose (carbohydrate) and will provide your body with calories.  

The process of that breakdown will depend on the food that you just ingested, but in the end this is what happens.  So instead of classifying things as good of bad, let’s call them more beneficial and less beneficial

There are, of course, food sources that will provide your body with a lot more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients than others. They give the body the nutrients it needs to be working properly and you will feel better from eating them more often. 

But just because you eat non-beneficital foods, it doesn’t make them bad. They just tent to be more calorie dense and nutrient poor. Therefore, if these make up for the majority of your diet you will not get sufficient vitamins and minerals and you will not feel at your best.  

But when it comes to fat loss, choosing food sources that makes the dieting easier is important as the nature of dieting means that you are going to get hungry at times. 

This means choosing foods that have one or more of the following characteristics will be beneficial to make your fat loss journey as easy as possible. 

  1. Lower calories per gram
    – This means that your food volume will be higher and you will therefore fill up your stomach so that you won’t walk around hungry all the time.
  2. Solid rather than liquid form
    – Liquid calories will not fill you up longterm, and it’s very easy to consume calories this way.
  3. High in fibre
    – Dietary fibre will lie in your stomach and take longer to digest. This will make you feel fuller for longer.
  4. High in protein
    – Protein takes longer to digest than carbs and fats so you will feel fuller for longer.
    But protein will also be important on a diet as it will reduce the change of muscle breakdown whilst you are in a caloric deficit. 

However, it’s worth mentioning again: 

You can lose weight and improve your body composition as long as you are in a caloric deficit.

Some people can be regimented with only eating beneficial foods. Yes, they will get the most nutrients per calories and probably have a slightly health status.

But if you will struggle to adhere to your diet 100%, you will still be able to get results by implementing some non-beneficial foods into your weekly diet. You might need to do something like 80/20 or 90/10 ratio (80/90 beneficial to 20/10 non-beneficial) in order for you to make your diet work for you, still see results and keep a good relationship to food. 


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