Feeling Sluggish After Eating?

Feeling Sluggish After Eating?

Have you ever experiences a so called “food coma”?

You know, when you’ve just had a large meal (say at Christmas) and feel like you’ve been drugged, making you revert to the sofa for mindless TV watching or perhaps going straight for a nap?

It’s uncomfortable and we almost always regret eating too much when the drowsiness kicks in…

What actually happens is that you are taxing your body and your organs have to deal with more than they want to in one go. You’ll have surges in hormones (in particular insulin if you’ve had a big carby meal) and there will be a huge amount of blood flow redirecting from the extremities and going into your stomach.

It’s the combination of hormonal surges and focused blood flow that makes you feel drowsy.

To avoid this, having a good meal time hygiene is important and it stops your from eating too fast.

But here are some more tricks that can help you avoid excessive eating around festive seasons or if you struggle constraining yourself when eating out with people.

  • Limit yourself to one plate and never go for second.
  • Eat a salad before you start your main meal.
  • Drink a big glass of water 30min before your meal.

You also have to adopt a mindset that deals with FOMO (fear of missing out). This way you know that you can eat from the chocolate box, but you don’t have to finish the whole thing.


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