Don’t Major In The Minor

Don’t Major In The Minor

I used to get so stressed about the smallest things if they didn’t happen as planned.
But here’s the thing. If we focus too much on details, we might miss the bigger picture.

  • Having macronutrient targets will potentially give you the best results at the fastest rate, but its purpose is to give consistency in your diet. Being slightly off will have very little to no negative effect on your progress. And while I encourage MOST of their food comes from whole foods, I still don’t disregard some soul food, as long as we make conscious choices.
  • Having a step target is part of your “energy out” equation, but its purpose is to encourage you to a less sedentary life. If you’re slightly off, it will have very little to no negative effect on your progress. While I encourage regular movement across the day, if you can only do a longer morning and evening walk, that’s fine too.
  • Having a sleep target of 7-9 hours will ensure you’re getting enough recovery, which purposely allows you to perform and live life better. But If you’re slightly off one day, it won’t have a huge impact on your progress. The idea is to create a routine, and allow for life to deviate from it from time to time.

As a coach, I set clear targets for my clients. But I don’t expect consistency to the perfection, that’s where guilt and “fuck it”-moments are born. I’m all about the consistency in the effort. While all of the targets will HUGELY have a positive impact on their body transformation (especially if consistently being met), the higher purpose of any target is to map out a sense of what someones “best self”-identity is so we can start stepping into that person TODAY.

Take myself as an example. I HAVE TO train. If don’t, I feel that I am neglecting myself and I physically and energetically don’t feel good. Even the times when I don’t feel like training, I have a sense of having to do it.

When we start to identify with what we do, all actions become effortless, or at least purposeful.


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