You are here because you are ready for the transformation you’ve pushed for with every failed diet plan, with every dreaded cardio session and years of wondering if it’s even possible to have what you want without killing yourself in the process. 

The Self-Love Intensive is the mothership program I want every woman feel compelled to invest in because deep down she knows that the missing link in her life is a relationship to herself the has disconnected from and forgotten what it feels like. 

Are you ready to transform your relationship to yourself, to fall in love with the process of life, to enter a safe container and surround yourself with committed women who is on the same journey? 

Not sure about joining the Self-Love Intensive Program? No problem, you can join the weekly masterclasses on a monthly subscription basis and take away the value from the sessions. 

We overestimate how much we can do in a day but underestimate how much we can do in a year, especially if we have the right people willing to push us in our corner and keep us accountable to our desires.