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Reading Tempo & TUT

Exercising is more than moving something from A to B. In this video you’ll see that every lift has 4 phases, and that time under tension do matter when you’re training.

Warming Up

Warming up your body before going into heavier strength work is extremely important for a number of reasons. You are less likely to attain injuries. You are more likely able to perform better and lift heavier weights. But how you warm up is important for you to get more out of your session and stay…
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Getting Back Into It

With lockdown forcing everyone to revert to training in their living rooms or in their gardens, it was at first a hard thing to switch into mentally. You just can’t compare the atmosphere and equipment available to training in your home environment. You guys who had a coach probably transitioned a little bit better than…
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Progressing In The Gym

The number one key to making your training program work and to see steady improvements is to adhere to the principle of progressive overload. This means that you should push yourself hard and strive to improve on your performance each time you step into the gym. How can we do this? ●  Add weight to…
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Reasons You Should Stick To Your Training Plan

I often see people changing their training plan solely for the reason that they get bored. While boredom can be a legit reason to change it up a bit, as if you are not enjoying what you do, the likelihood of your performance being good is low. But I also see it being a personality…
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Using Tempo When Training

To achieve a body transformation, getting stronger is one key to improve the body composition as this allows you to add more muscle to your frame. But there are many ways you can progress with any given exercise in your program. Below are 6 considerations, that all are somewhat interconnected: Improve Technique Increase Strength with…
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Focus on what you CAN do

With the COVID-19 epidemic raiding the world like a bushfire, there are a lot of things we aren’t able to do in our normal life. But if we let the craziness of the world dictate our internal environment it’s easy to feel flat and start victimise ourselves to our circumstances. So instead of throwing your…
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What Do You Want?

No growth or success happens without some level of discomfort. But the right kind of goal setting can be profoundly powerful in creating a drive force and discipline that takes you from where you are now to what you really want.  You might have heard about SMART goals?   SpecificMeasurableAttainableRisky/RealisticTime-bound  Motivation always goes in waves, and…
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Using The Gym For More Than Good Looks

When I started training, like many others, I used the gym look better in the eyes of others. So really it was to build my self-esteem and not necessarily please others, but I didn’t know that at the time. I have also always been a small person, so it gave me a sense of independence…
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