Can you remember the last time you didn’t think about dieting?

Can you remember the last time you didn’t think about dieting?

This might be a harsh realisation for you, but if you’ve spend most of your adult life being on a diet, or thinking about dieting, that’s a whole lot of time, which you could be spending on things that gives you more joy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to free those kind of resources?

The first step is to accept that there is NO QUICK FIXES to this. If you’ve walked 1000 miles into the woods, you’ll need to walk 1000 miles to get out again. The longer or more frequent you’ve been dieting for, the chance is that it’s harder for you to lose weight. But the bright side is that you body is amazing at healing. But it needs time and consistency.

So what can you focus on if you’re tired of the endless yoyo-ing?

Firstly, it’s time to create a plan that works for you long term.
You like bread? Let’s incorporate that into your week as an alternative food source.

Secondly, you’ll need to increase your food intake consistently.
A lot of women believe that the magic number to lose weight is 1200kcals or less. And while that will have worked initially, if this is something you’ve sustained for a long time, your body has not been given enough energy to thrive and take care of its bodily process in the most effective way. So while increasing your food can be scary at first, you will soon find that your start to feel more energetic and vital.

Thirdly, shift the focus.
Instead of focusing solely on your food, let’s look into your lifestyle as a whole. You will be surprised what happens when we start to sleep better, manage our sleep and train in a more appropriate way (yes, while being active is important, the way you train do matter).

But ultimately, you might need help and support going through these changes. Perhaps a coach, perhaps a therapist, perhaps a dietitian or perhaps a combination.

But life is MORE than dieting.


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