Reading Tempo & TUT

Exercising is more than moving something from A to B. In this video you’ll see that every lift has 4 phases, and that time under tension do matter when you’re training.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

It is true that some people will be more “genetically gifted” when it comes to how “easy” they can get into good shape. There are guys who can just look at a weight and already look like they have put on muscle mass, or women who has never stepped a foot in the gym yet…
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Reasons Your Period Might Be Late

I’ve talked about the female cycle in two of my previous articles: Article 1 talked all about the hormones. Article 2 delved into contraception. Today I just want to bring the attention to how delicate the female reproductive system really is, and delve into some reasons to why your period might be late (or lost…
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Binge Eating & Emotional Eating

When it comes to this topic, most people believe it’s about the food. But I am here to tell you that it’s not. The issues with binge eating is that it’s fundamentally a behavioural and emotional issue. Therefore we need to acknowledge that counting macros and trying to be perfect is never going to work…
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Simple Way To Improve The Quality of Your Life

Most of us are always working towards something that we yet don’t have. Entrepreneurs are working on their business with the hope to for growthStudents are studying with the hope to be able to use their knowledge in the future. And men and women all over the world, are working on improving their physiques with…
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Self-checking When You Feel Like Giving Up

As describes in the article The Reality of Fat Loss the road to the goal will look far from linear. So if you haven’t read and watched that video, I highly suggest that you do as that itself can give you some peace of mind. So what to do in the now, if you feel…
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10 Truths About Fat Loss

1. You HAVE TO be in a caloric deficit.How big or small that seems to you when comparing to others doesn’t matter. Your physiology is unique and so is your metabolism, so stop comparing yourself to others. You will create a deficit from either increasing your output from activity, decreasing your intake of food or…
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Evolution of Learning

You might have had the feeling that once you started studying something, all of a sudden you realise how much more it is that you need to learn than you thought was possible in any given topic? This is because there are jumping from step one to step two in the evolution of learning. Unconscious…
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What The Health?

What do you consider the definition of health is? When it comes to physiological health, there is loads of research that can tell you what a “healthy individual” should show on any given test. There are individuals who feel that they are healthy, but with a blood work that would beg to differ. Your body’s…
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