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How do you access your inner
High Performer?

We believe that every person has an untapped energetic potential, which can only be accessed by stacking their internal and external environment and aligning them with a strong purpose. 

Inside our 1-1 programs we dig deeper and wider than just achieving an outstanding physical result and peak health. We are here to help making you vibrant and unstoppable, so that you can take on the world with confidence. 

These coaching programs are designed to help you achieve excellence and autonomy, by addressing your physical and mental domains simultaneously. 

This coaching program is a TRUE investment in yourself.

We deliver highly tailored training programs, nutritional guidance, supplementation regimes and lifestyle optimisation protocols, while coaching you through the process of achieving your ideal physique. 

You’ll also have intensive 1-1 coaching sessions via Zoom, to unravel the complexity of your subconscious mind and your programmings that have held you back from achieving extraordinary things.

These programs are for people who want to be better than good, and know they have more potential in this life than they currently are expressing.

So if you feel that you haven’t reached your vibrant potential, we want to help!

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Click the link below and fill out an application form to give us some information on your current situation and aspirations so that we can prepare us for step 2. 

Step 2

After filling out the form we will schedule a 45min consultation call, gaining clarity on your goals and obstacles, so that we can map out a game plan. 

Step 3

If you are a good fit for the program and we can ensure that you will successfully get the return on your investment, we will offer you to come onboard. 

Client testimonials
Here’s what our amazing clients are saying:

“My experience and interactoin with Emily has been rewarding and extraordinary. It’s not often that you find a coach who not only works on your physical transformations, but also supports you mentally and allows you to truly understand what it is that YOU need to be successfl. 

I am most grateful for the 1-1 with Emily and truly feel valued as a client. I am learning things  now that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

The best investment I ever made was in myself with Emily’s help.”

Celeste Kreyfelt

“I am so pleased I found Emily – working with her has improved my life considerably. The body composition improvements have been outstanding; her exercise and nutrition knowledge is first class. More importantly, Emily has helped me level up mentally. I have worked with Emily through a difficult period in my life; her empathy and holistic approach has helped me immeasurably. I am more confident, self-aware and resilient as a result of working with her.

Emily is way more than your average online fitness coach. Choosing to work with Emily is choosing to invest in yourself and improve your life.”

Ben Bissett

“Emily is an incredible coach. I went to her for her combined approach of physical training and life coaching – I’d had several physical trainers over the years, tried many different approaches to nutrition, had a lot of success losing weight but never kept it off, and it always felt like really hard work, torturous at times, like there was a disconnect between looking good and feeling good. I still had a desire to look a certain way but I felt like something was missing – I wanted to look good AND feel good. Emily is a breath of fresh air. The way she has helped me to change my mind set and identify the negative emotional patterns that were causing me to self-sabotage is a revelation”

Joanna Turner

Do you want help thriving in all areas of your life?