Are you willing to face yourself?

Are you willing to face yourself?

I am a huge advocate for training HARD.

Training for the sake of staying active is great, but if you want the TRUE benefits of training, you have to go to place of true discomfort.

When you train hard, to the point of where you are coming to the brink of your ACTUAL capabilities, you have to face yourself. There will be a voice coming forward. It will either let you quit before you even came close to your exiting your comfort zone, or it will dial in your focus.

But to talk about what ACTUALLY happens when you are at the brink of breaking down.
You are putting your body under stress, which means that our true stress response pattern will come out. Fight, flight or freeze. 

Fight – you go all the way until you break.

Flight – you abandon the exercise far from your actual limit

Freeze – you stop when it gets hard and consciously have to make the decision to go on or stop. 

Very few people are capable to keep going without a flinch until they fail, you need a certain level of aggression (and high threshold for pain).

Too many stop before they got the chance to TRULY face themselves.

But if you can get yourself to the freeze position, and talk yourself into keep going, you are defying the limit of your comfort zone. Right in that moment is where you start building up your mental resilience (as well as going for the hard earned gain we all want). Right there you start seeing how extremely important physical challenges are and how they become a catalyst to withstand stress and challenges in other areas of our life. 

Facing yourself is not easy, but if you want to live an extraordinary life, it’s necessary.


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