Are You Moving The Right Things?

Are You Moving The Right Things?

Sometimes when I go to the gym I look around at what other people do. I love seeing people taking sometime out from their days where they go and work on themselves physically.

But what I also see is a lot of mindless doing, which sometimes look straight up dangerous and with absolutely no thought into what is going on and why they are doing it in the first place. They probably picked it up from some instagrammer that made it look cool on social media. What they don’t realise is that either it’s been phases that has prepared for that particular lift, or that the person is just filling his/her feed with stupid things to entertain the consumer.

When we break things down on bio-mechanical levels, your bones and joints can only move is so many directions and it’s the muscles attached to the bones that makes all movement possible.

We can also go a layer deeper and talk about to which degree your central nervous system (CNS) is conditioned to perform some lifts.

So the reason we have imbalances, pains and niggles is more often than not because we are “just doing” or are training to feed our ego.

I have personally not always trained with the right intentions, and I have definitely trained to feed my ego. But ultimately there comes a point when you have to ask yourself:

“Is that I do now having a positive impact on my body longterm?”.

Don’t get me wrong, you can and should still train hard when you go to the gym. But are you training hard and moving the right way, or are you training hard and just moving?

That’s the difference that will make the difference longterm.


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