Having worked in the health and fitness industry for a decade, Emily has had the privilege to coach people from all walks in life, from single mums to corporate CEO’s. She learned early on that no individual needs look the same, and therefore every year she seeks out mentors and teachers in the field of physiology, endocrinology, biomechanics and human psychology so that she can keep providing people with the best care.

Since leaving Sweden first time at the age of 19, she has now lived in 4 countries over 3 continents. She believes the life lessons she’s learned over the years feeds into her holistic world view. This translates into a broader and deeper curiosity to understanding culture and their different unconscious “conditionings”, which affects how we operate without even realising.

But her passion for helping people looking for deeper transformations than just the visual stems roots in her own struggles, where she has overcome body dysmorphia and an eating disorder caused by pushing her body to the extreme under excessively stressful situations. Her experience left her frustrated and with questions, so she turned to philosophy and mindset coaches to seek answers.

Fast forward, as a NeuroLinguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Certified Life Coach she understands the power of the mind and integrates it into her coaching to help her clients navigate their challenges so that they can be overcome.

She believes that everything is possible, as long as we are willing to do the work. One of Emily’s mantras are:
“Never give up, never settle”.