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About Emily Anger

From bullied and self-conscious as a teenager, to confident and at ease in her skin as a woman, Emily lives by the definition that
“you create your own reality”. 

With 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Emily continues to help vibrant people from all walks in life transform not only their bodies, but also their beliefs in their abilities to get what they want.

She does so while always striving for her own physical and mental excellence, as Emily believes in practicing what she preaches. 

Coached by Anger was founded when she got tired of the lack of real depth many fitness coaching programs delivers, often resulting in leaving people in a worse state than when they started. 

But it was after healing from an eating disorder in her mid 20s, Emily started to unravel the big missing link in the fitness industry – the mind. 

You simply cannot truly transform yourself unless there is a body and mind connection that aligns with the goal.

So Coached by Anger is designed to help people reach their physical and mental potential, through highly personal programs and a coaching systems that help people create long-lasting and empowered change. 

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We have a strong moral code to provide the best service to all our clients. 

We have a comprehensive onboarding week to ensure that each client receives a program that is right for them. 

We don’t program from nothing.


We believe that a person is not their behaviour, but their behaviours are part of a subconscious programming that can keep a person stuck.

We don’t seek to judge but to understand, while helping our clients change the programming and to believe they can hold themselves to their higher standards.


Without honesty there is no trust. 

For a successful outcome to be achieved, there needs to be a strong team work between the client and the coaches.

This means that transparency and honesty hold the key to the momentum during the journey together. 

If you resonates with the ethos of Coached by Anger and want
help transforming your life, both from the inside and outside,
fill out the application form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.