About Emily!

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About Emily Anger

From bullied and self-conscious as a teenager, to confident and at ease in her skin as a woman, Emily lives by the definition that
“your past does not equal your future”. 

With 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Emily continues to help self-committed people permanently lose weight, feel younger and find a deeper connection to themselves in the process.

She has a no BS, yet compassionate approach to her coaching and she believes that anybody who is committed to doing the work, can achieve extraordinary results in their body and lives.

Her programs integrated the most holistic approach to weight loss, combined with live-changing mindset coaching, to help her clients realise their own unique powers, and to start live true to who they want to be. 

Her goal is to change the view on authenticity and vulnerability, as she believes it is the only way one can live a truly peaceful life. 

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