8 Steps To Becoming Successful

8 Steps To Becoming Successful

A successful transformation, or success in any other area of your life, usually happens methodically. Today I want to share clear steps that will allow you to achieve the most extraordinary results in in your life.

1. Awareness
First you need to become in tune with your thoughts and feelings and question whether they are empowering you or holding you back down.

The reality is that what we think and feel, creates a lens of how we perceive the world, and that influences what actions we take. So we need to break the pessimistic loop and start seeing the world as a place where we can grow, rather than a place where it’s always a struggle.

2. Clarity
The second thing you need to go is to get super clear and specific to what it is that you want. Using the SMART goal setting formula is super powerful and will help you get specific on the things that you want, rather than the things that you don’t want.

3. Motivation
Next you want to dig deep and find the compelling emotional reason for wanting what you want. Usually you’ll need to ask “why” 2-3 times before you hit the nail.

Example Goal: I want to be lean and strong
Why 1: Because being lean and strong gives me energy and confidence.
Why 2: Having energy and confidence will help me be more productive and serve my clients to my best abilities without burning out.
Why 3: Productivity and providing quality service without running to the wall will help me grow my business and stay in the game for as long as possible.
Why 4: Growing my business and taking care of myself means I can help more people and create a positive change in this world.

4. Responsibility
This means taking ownership of your life as a whole.
Consistently putting the work in, which will move your closer to your goals, but also check in with your own ability to respond in an empowered way when things don’t always go as you want them to

5. Removing Blocks
This means dealing with both internal and external things that is holding you back.
Internal could be working with a coach on your current belief systems and limiting beliefs, or perhaps going to therapy to work through trauma from earlier life.
External could be auditing your circle of influence and cut people that don’t elevate you off (or at least reduce the time you spend with them) or it could even investing in something that you know will make your journey easier (such as Tupperware boxes for food prepping)

6. Mindset
Imagine what you would say and do when you reached your goal, and start acting like this person already.

7. Plan
“You either fail to plan, or you plan to fail” – Abraham Lincoln
Without a plan you can’t see the path ahead and it’s easy to detail on things that aren’t going to move you towards your goal.

8. Action
Unless you take action, nothing happens.
There are no failures in life. When taking action you will either be successful or your will get a learning. So better do something than remaining where you are.

If you follow these steps as written out, there is nothing holding you back from creating the success you want for yourself.


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