5 Ways To Reduce Cravings

5 Ways To Reduce Cravings

I used to have the worst sweet tooth (like honestly), and I would fall trap to the quick fix whenever my energy levels were dropping. Does this sound familiar?

Cravings can occur for many reasons. But regardless the reason, they are a signal of SOMETHING.

Most commonly cravings will comes when your body senses a blood sugar drop. Because sweet things will be the quickest way to increase your blood sugar, it’s natural to go for the sweeter things as a result of it. So how to we stop or reduce our craving-pangs? Below are 3 things that you can try out, which will help you keep a steady blood sugar level.

  1. Don’t skip meals – if you tend to become hangry or have loads of cravings or energy dips, try to eat regular meals so that your blood sugar remains at a good range.
  2. Eat protein with every meal – this will help you stay fuller for longer, which will reduce the need for constant snacking between meals.
  3. Eat more vegetables – fibrous vegs will help you keep blood sugar balance a bit more steady. So even though you can have starchy carbs, make sure there is always from vegetables included on your plate.
  4. Stay hydrated – because your entire body requires an adequate hydration status, if this is not being met, you will find that you are lacking energy. A lot of the times we’ll start craving sugar as a quick fix, when in reality it might just be dehydration.
  5. Sort your sleep out – when we don’t sleep enough, our hunger and satiety hormones will be off balance the next day. So you WILL feel hungrier and less satiated between meals and sugar cravings are almost inevitable. Read THIS article if you want to know more about sleep.


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