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Your Time Is Now

The only time wasted is the time you regret you didn’t take action. 

Whether you have a specific physique goal, a health concern or just know that you have more potential in this world that you want help to tap into, our programs are designed to help you move from where you are today to where you want to be. 

We are committed to supporting you all the way, though highly personalised and coaching programs, that will facilitate the results you are after while helping you integrate a new lifestyle that feels sustainable in the longterm. 


After getting clarity around your goals, we'll design the success strategy that will fit into your life.

Then we'll guide you through the process to that dream outcome.

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Have you ever wondered why you haven't reached your goals or kept them longterm?

Mindset holds a key and we will teach you how to transform it.


Training is one of the modalities we use to transform your life.

Not only will it change how you look, but you will gain strength, energy and confidence in the process!


Health and nutrition goes hand in hand, but they don't have to exclude all the foods you love.

Achieve your goals by working with restraints, rather than restrictions.


Become part of a community where leverage, support, motivation and inspiration flows freely.

We believe in the power of having a thriving net work, as it pushes us to grow.


Coached by Anger

Our vision is to help thousands of people in this world become healthier and more connected to themselves and to others, so that they can achieve great things in life. 

Our mission is to continue to stretch the boundaries of the coaching industry by integrating coaching modalities that will help people achieve great physical results, overcome mental barriers for success and heal their poor relationship to food. 

Happy Clients

"I was as out of shape as I have been in the last 3-4 years. The results speak for themselves. After 3 months I had not seen much reduction on my weight (3-4kg), but a massive change in muscle mass as well as strength. My relationship with food improved massively and I finally started drinking enough water! Saving the most important for last Emily is a great coach – a walking example of what she preaches, that consistency in your kitchen, in your gym and your sleep will lead you to the results you want. Always reachable and always there for her check-ins so don’t slack!

- Theo Chatzigkaidas

I’ve been working with Emily for a number of years now. After several disappointing Personal Trainer experiences, Emily supported me to achieve my physical transformation goals, helping me to feel like I’d taken back control of my life. Unexpectedly, this became the start of an even more exciting journey as I learned how to apply the same no-nonsense rules to other areas of my life. Emily’s style of coaching is ideal for me; she says it like it is and keeps me accountable whilst encouraging a holistic approach to life. I’d definitely recommend connecting with her!

- Karen Taylor

I have worked with Emily a few times over the years, and every time we’re achieving outstanding results. She has a way to holistically look at your life and create a plan that fits in seamlessly. She is there to let you know that you are capable of great things once you’ve set your goals.
She listens curiously and is always providing valuable feedback and suggestions. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

- Emilie Soderstrom

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